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"Twee'uig" One of a Kind Wearable Art Necklace


Image of "Twee'uig" One of a Kind Wearable Art Necklace
  • Image of "Twee'uig" One of a Kind Wearable Art Necklace
  • Image of "Twee'uig" One of a Kind Wearable Art Necklace
  • Image of "Twee'uig" One of a Kind Wearable Art Necklace
  • Image of "Twee'uig" One of a Kind Wearable Art Necklace

"Oh, yes, hello, hello! Busy market day today, no? Lovely weather for it. Come, come, I have something special to show you. Very special. I assure you, there is nothing in this market like it.

"You see, I've just come back from a planet called Dvorak. Beautiful planet, lovely people. They grow some of the most wondrous plants! And the most prized is the twee'uig. It's a slow-growing vine that the Dvorak people use to create intricate ritual jewelry. They even preserve the leaves and seed pods and use them to decorate the vines.

"And here, I have one such piece. It was very difficult to bring through International Customs and Immigration, but it was worth the effort."

Okay, so I didn't actually travel to another planet for this, but it is a little wild and a lot different from my usual style.

Twee'uig features a twisting vine made of green satin ribbon wrapped with two gages of stainless steel wire. The thinner wire coils around the whole length of the cord. The wire makes the cord slightly moldable, so you can fit it to the curves of your neck and shoulders better, or tweak the curves of the loops. The thicker wire binds the loops together. You can even have the loops sit higher up on the sides of your neck or settle them down against your shoulders.

Carved shell leaf beads and tiny green glass "seed pod" beads decorate the loops and hand from draping chains at the front. The leaves are light on one side and dark on the other, and slightly iridescent.

Chains swoop across the back of the necklace from which dangles a pewter link, "seed pods," and a shell leaf.

This necklace clasps in the front with a silver-plated, flower-like clasp that features a clear acrylic rhinestone.

This dramatic necklace wI'll make a statement where ever you wear it!

The adjustable nature of this necklace makes getting measurements tricky, but if you want specific measurements, please just shoot me a message.

Also, please note that there are no actual plant parts in this necklace.

*Shipping for this item is higher than others, as I need to ship it in a large enough envelope to lay the cord part flat. As always, shipping will include tracking.

This item is one of a kind (I don't think my fingers could handle remaking it) and ready to ship. The parcel will be on its way within 2-3 business days.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. If you're in another country and curious as to how much you might pay in your currency, Google has many handy converters.